Knife Handle Blanks - I carry knife handles made from wood and stone.  Shown here are a few of the knife handles Ihave available at this time.  All handles are delivered in the rough, meaning the wood has been shaped and the edges routed, but not sanded and stone handles are shaped and ground smooth on sides, top and bottom.  Because of the variables encountered in hafting blades, I have not cut holes to haft the blade.  I can also furnish uncut stone or wood in the thickness you desire so you can design your own handles. 

Handle materials include:

Wood: Walnut, plain and fancy, Maple plain and striped, Eastern Cedar, Cocabolo, Purple Heart, Blood Wood, Paudok and African Mahogany. 

Stone:  Green Italian Marble, Honey Onyx, White Marble, Rain Forest Marble Green & Brown and Grey/Green Georgia Soapstone and colored engineered stone.



Pipes, Banner Stones, Bird Stones, Celts and assorted pendants   In addition to knife handles and materials, I carry items made from Georgia Soapstone (Seatite).  Below are items in stock.  All items are 100% hand made by me and complete descriptions are provided.

If you are not satisfied with your purchase, simply return it in the condition shipped and your money will be refunded including shipping from me to you.  You will be responsible for shipping the item back.



Arrowhead Necklaces  If you are looking for a unique gift, consider an genuine arrowhead necklace.  All my points are hand made by me and unless stated otherwise (glasss for instance) are made from Obsidian, Chert or Flint.  The arrowhead is attached to the cord either with a wire wrap, bail or the cord itself.  Some have beads above the point and some do can have it either way!  Cords can be round leather, cotton or suede.  Points average 1.5 inches long with a cord length of about 20 inches and can be made from Coral, Petrified Wood, Texas Chert, English Flint, Bullseye Jasper, Kay County Chert, Rainbow Obsidian and some I can't identify.  Let me know what you are interested in and I will email you photos of what is available.  Necklaces are $10.00 each plus shipping.



I have a large inventory of exotic granites and marbles and I can custom cut  to your specifications.  Polishing is also available. 



I have tons of soapstone (Georgia Seatite).  This material is easy to work and makes excellent bowls, pipes, effigies, pendants and such. It is easy to cut, grind and polish.  I will be glad to slice up some for you into the thickness you need.  Contact me with your requirements.

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