All knives shown on this page may be purchased with or without display stand or case.   Prices include postage and insurance unless otherwise stated.  When possible, I use a USPO Flat Rate Box for shipping.   If you are not satisfied with your purchase, simply return it in the condition shipped and your money will be refunded including shipping from me to you.  You will be responsible for shipping the item back to me. 

To order a product featured here send me an email with the description of item number and I will send you a return message about the availability and a PayPal invoice .  I will mark the item sold until I receive your funds.  For quotes on anything listed on this site, just email me and I will get back to you ASAP.  I do discount for multiple purchases on the same shipment (ship in same Large Flate Rate Box), so if you will be purchasing more than one item, please call or email me for a total.

#1  Fiber optic blade with Podak handle, 5" blade and 9" overall.  Price does not include base.  Bases can be purchased separately.  $85.00 

 #2  Blade red opaque slag glass, handle pink and light green marble.  Blade is 4.25" and knife is 8,75" overall.  $165.00

#3  Blade is 5.50" of clear red glass, handle is spalted Georgia Hickory and knife is 10" overall.  $75.00 

#4  Blade is English Flint and is 5" long, handle is American Walnut and knife is 9" overall.  $100.00 

#5  Blade is 5.75" of Midnight Lace Obsidian, handle is Georgia Spalted Hickory and overall the knife is 10".  $100.00 Price does not include case.  Cases and display stand may be purchased separately. 

#6  Blade is 5" Texas Edward's Plateau Chert, handle is Green Rain Forest Marble and knife is 9.5" overall.  $220.00   price includes wooden case & shipping.

#7  Blade is %" long and made form Dacite, Handle is made from Padauk and knife is 9" overall.  $75.00


#8  Blade is 4.5" and made from honey colored Texas chert.  Handle is made from China Berry and the overall length is 9.25".  $75.00 

#9  Blade is 3.75" long and made from fossilized coral from the Withlacoochee River in South Georgia.  The handle is made from Georgia White Tail deer antler.  Overall the knife is 8.5".   $100.00

The blade on this drop point knife is 3" long and made from Bull'e Eye Jasper from Goldfield, Navada.  The handle is made from Cholla cactus.  Overall the knife is 7" long.  $75.00

#10  Knife blade is 5.5" long and made from Arkansas Novaculite.  The handle is Cholla cactus wit the pommel is made from Georgia White Tail deer antler.  Overall this knife is 9.75" long.  $100.00

#11  Knife blade is made from Mahogany Obsidian from Davis Creek, California and is  2.5" long.  The handle is made from Georgia White Tail deer antler.  Overall the knife is 7" long.  $75.00

#12  Blade is made from pink fiber optic glass and is 5.25" long.  The handle is made from Podauk and overall the knife is 9.5" long.  $50.00 

#13  The blade on this knife is made from blue Carrara glass and is 5.25" long.  The handle is made from Georgia American Walnut. Overall the knife is 9.5" long.  $50.00 

#14  Blade is made from bone colored Carrera glass and is 5.5" lonh.   The handle is made from Blood wood and the overall length is 9.75".  $50.00 

#15  Blade is made from Midnight Lace Obsidian and is 6" long.  Handle is made form Coca bola and overall length is  10.5".  $125.00

#16  This blade is made from Burn's Green Obsidian and is much greener in color than depicted.  Blade is  5" long and the handle ismade from  a Georgia White Tail antler tine.  Overall the knife is 9.75".  $50.00

#17  This blade is made from 7.75" of Davis Creek Rainbow Obsidian.  The blade has lots of color and flash when turned in the sunlight.  The hamdle is made from Cholla cactus and the pommel is ade from bone colored corian.  There is a fossil shark's tooth embedded in the end of the pommel.  Overall this knife is 12" long.  $150.00 

#18  Blade is made from an unusually dark piece of Georgia Coastal Plains Chert and is 3.25" long.   The handle is made from Georgia spalted Hickory and overall the knife is 7.75" long.  $50.00

#19  Blade is 5.25" of red swirled red slag glass.  The handle is made form bone colored Corian and overall the knife is 9.50" long.  $100.00

Somewhere along the flinkknapping journey we all discover that we have waaaaay too many points.  Most of my practice over the years has been using glass of various colors.  On a whim I started hanging them from the edge of my saw shed.  I thought they were pretty, especially when they caught the evening sunset.  From that came my idea of marketing them as sun-catchers.  With the holiday season fast approaching, the next logical conclusion was to possibly use them as Christmas tree ornaments:

 The larger of these sun-catchers/ornaments average around 7 inches and get smaller.  Colors available are mostly blues, green, yellow, clear (looks just like ice!), clear bronze, frosted, Rainbow Obsidian and a couple of reds.  The 7 inch (+_) go for $20.00 each and smallest ones for $10.00 plus shipping.  Let me know if you would like one and we will discuss colors/sizes available.

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