In the photo below are a few of the marble and granite display stand I have designed for displaying knives.  These display stands are approximately 9" by 2.5" by 1"thick.  Some are longer and some are shorter.  I can make one to a custom size if desired.  Each display stand comes with felt feet to protect your furniture and a felt pad to rest the knife blade on.  Standard display stands are $25.00 each or 5 for $100.00 plus shipping.  I can get 5 stands in a flat rate box.  Email or call me with your particular needs and I will send you photos of what I have in stock or materials I can make one out of.


I have a limited number of wood display case for sale.  These are made from recycled lumber from an old house I am tearing down.  The glass comes from the windows and the wood from the old tounge and groove lumber from the inside.  The wood is full of worm holes where the termites and beetles have had their way (no insects left in the wood!)  The cases are lined with felt or velvety stuff and  are 11.25 by 5 inches and 1 inch deep.  The wood is old Pine and stained light Oak.  Cases are $25.00 each plus postage.

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